06 Dec

No, not Christmas miracles, Jefferson Starship’s  “Miracles” is one of those classic tunes that you may ask yourself “who sings this?” Great song for lake trips and stargazing in the summer.  Makes me miss warm weather.

The details of how 70s band Jefferson Starship came to be is long and convoluted on wikipedia so I will simply copy and paste today.  I am feeling lazy and a bit tired . . .  aka a “case of the Mondays.”

During the transitional period of the early 1970s, singer-guitarist Paul Kantner recorded Blows Against the Empire, a concept album featuring an ad hoc group of musicians and credited on the LP as “Jefferson Starship”, marking the first use of that name.[1]

This ‘prototype’ version of Jefferson Starship included David Crosby and Graham Nash and Grateful Dead members Jerry Garcia, Bill Kreutzmann, and Mickey Hart, as well as some of the remaining members of Jefferson Airplane, lead singer Grace Slick, drummer Joey Covington and bassist Jack Casady. This agglomeration was informally known as the Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra.

Simply put, they were a spinoff of Jefferson Airplane.  No matter what they were they were good.   Enjoy “Miracles.”

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  1. James R. Johnson says:

    Lead singer is Marty Balin. Guitarist is Craig Chaquisco, who is now more popular on smooth jazz charts. He wrote an instrumental called “Lights Out San Francisco” as a tribute to a former Jefferson mate, I think the name was Steve Feinstein. It’s a great tune. The Z boys used to kid Jane Joyce by playing “Jane” over the intercom.

  2. Avatar of storms storms says:

    A miracle is finding a song that warm’s your heart during the coldest winter days. Keep heating things up!

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